Last Days of Cool

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June 12, 2019


Hello and welcome to the LAST DAYS OF COOL podcast website. I’m on a journey to discover and understand what cool means today because let’s face it, it has to mean something more than the number of likes your duck-face selfie gets on social media, right? I’ll be talking to myself mostly but also everyday people, like you and I about things that are cool in our lives, what it means to be cool in 2018 and if coolness is on the verge of extinction before our very eyes. Are these the last days of cool? Well, let’s find out...

New episodes of this independently produced Irish podcast are recorded weekly from North Dublin in Ireland and released whenever I get around to it. The first place to get access to the latest episode of the podcast is right here on and if you join our mailing list, you'll also get some additional blog content every now and again!

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Be true to your cool.